About Us

Intouch was formed as a charitable body in 2020 by a group of former players and the help of former Royal Navy Rugby League (RNRL) Chairman Rear Admiral Chris Parry, to provide support to ex-players by helping them transition out of the service into civilian street, to obtain gainful employment and mentor them through any other unforeseen issues along the way.

To do this we will be offering you:

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If you are interested contact us today – you can help change lives so let’s make it happen together.

Rear Admiral Dr Chris Parry CBE PhD

Chris was an aviator and warfare officer in the Royal Navy until 2008. He commanded the Amphibious Task Group, the Maritime Warfare Centre, HMS Gloucester and HMS Fearless, as well as serving in five senior strategic and policy roles in the Ministry of Defence. Chris also experience operations and combat that included Northern Ireland, the Gulf and the Falklands. He now runs a strategic forecasting and risk business and is an academic at several universities in the United Kingdom. He was President of Royal Navy Rugby 2003-2008 and President of Combined Service Rugby League 2005-2008.

Lt Cdr Jason Steele

Jason is still serving and has been involved with RNRL since 2005, as a player and senior team manager. He continues to be the senior team manager and also head of management, providing support to all the teams. He has been fortunate to meet, play, manage and tour (Australia and New Zealand) with many of the brothers over the years, and has been privileged to observe RNRL going from strength to strength. Jason looks forward to continue to support both former and serving RNRL players and support other staff through InTouch.

Tom Gent

Tom served in the RN from 1996 to 2003 as an OMAWW. Not long after joining Tom was picked to play for the RN Rugby Union Under 21s and later for the full team. During his time at HMS Collingwood he then met Wayne O’Kell and in turn found rugby league. Rugby league and especially RN rugby league suited Tom down to the ground – no thinking involved – just run in a straight line – oh and don’t worry about passing the ball – just don’t stop!

The biggest lesson for Tom and something he has always remembered from his days in the RN and being around Wayno and Jase Steele was the teamship. This has stood him in good stead un running his scaffold company since 2008. No backward steps – never taking no for an answer and always loyal to the team and support staff.

Tom has wanted to give back in some way to the RN for a long time and is so pleased to be given the opportunity to work and support the InTouch charity using his business knowledge and connections to make a real success in supporting those that may need it.

Some of the best people Tom has had the pleasure of knowing have been RNRL guys so it’s great to see all of these guys again and reminisce about old times and now have the chance to make many new ones.

Jim (Dutchy) Holland

Jim joined the Royal Navy in 1989 as WEM and left in 2002 as a POWEA and spent most of his career (eight yeras) at HMS Collingwood, making best use of the excellent sports facilities, make amends and Wednesday afternoon home and away rugby fixtures. Jim was lucky enough to be there when Wayne O’Kell turned up (and left) and before he knew it, was being coached for a session of Rugby League by Tony Carrol and some of The London Bronco’s back room staff (he never worked out the difference between a rolly and a roundy!) Happy Days.

Wayne O’Kell

Wayne was a Warrant Officer 1st Class in the Royal Navy until 2015. A former international rugby league coach, he has been instrumental in the development of the sport with UK Armed Forces 1997-2015. He has also represented Wales RL and GB Community Lions as a coach 2003-2006. Wayne is currently the Director of Talent, Performance and Therapeutic Services at Fair Ways; he is responsible for strategic talent mapping for residential childcare practitioners and leads a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians and associated professionals supporting the healthy development, wellbeing and relationships of children and young people.

Andy Steel

Andy is a former POAEA (WAFU) who captained the RNRL for four years from it’s inception after watching a game of Rugby Union in Portland with Wayne O’Kell and wishing it was a game of our beloved ‘Rugby League’. After winning the Army 9’s and beating an undefeated 1 Para team the RNRL was born, the rest, as they say is history! After leaving the Royal Navy Andy went on to play in the first-ever game of Rugby League in Asia (Thailand v Phillipines 2021) and was involved with the set up of Thailand Rugby League and ASEAN Rugby League Committee.

Richie Guy

Richie is a former Royal Marine SNCO. He coached, played, administered, and baby-sat Royal Marines Rugby League for several years. He also represented RNRL and the Combined Services in the early part of the noughties. Blessed with the pace of a pensioner, Richie relied on enthusiasm and determination more than skill during an eventful RNRL adventure. He now lives in sunny Exmouth with his family. His passion for the game still burns strong, unfortunately he’s even slower nowadays so he plies his trade as a Rugby Union player in Exmouth, spinning tales of former glories (all lies) whilst enjoying a pint.

Neil Gay

Neil is from Gods Country – East Yorkshire. He served in the Royal Navy from 1992-2002 and was part of the grey war canoes – Intrepid, Brazen, (DQs), Cardiff, Shetland and Fearless Namet 1-1. Neil suffered with RU until the greatest game was allowed in 1997 and represented the brothers and combined services, enjoying some incredible times with some fantastic people. Since 2003 Neil has been a firefighter in East Yorkshire and is Chairman of the Beverley Braves junior rugby league club for the last 11 years. Neil is very excited to be reunited with former RNRL colleagues via InTouch and very much looking forward to seeing many more at future events.

Aidy Baxter

Aidy is from Wigan, the capital of Lancashire. He served in the Royal Navy from 1997 to 2008. Aidy was at his happiest on the fleet of war buses – HMS Newcastle, HMS Iron Duke, HMS St Albans, HMS Invincible and HMS Leeds Castle. He suffered with the Navy RU23s until Wayne Okell MBE installed RNRL, where he represented all ships and establishments. Aidy represented Wigan St Patricks on leaving the service and now Wigan St Judes as master pot washer! Since 2007 Aidy has been living amongst the pigeons, eating Wigan kebabs and working as an IT Consultant. He is very excited to be reunited with former RNRL colleagues via InTouch and very much looking forward to seeing many more at future functions. MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO.